Tadım Sunflower Seeds 360gr


Tadım Sunflower Seeds 360gr


Turkish sunflower seeds by our favourite brand Tadım.

  • Classic Roasted
  • Lightly salted
  • 360gr
  • Fresh guarantee aluminium foil bags
  • Dispatches from UK

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Turkish sunflower seeds are addictive. Once you get started it is near impossible to stop yourself until your tongue is numb and your jaw muscles are aching. Çekirdek çitlemek (Çekirdek means seed and “çit” is the sound it makes when you crack them, so “to crack seed”) is borderline a national sport in Turkey. It’s a hypnotising experience with muscle memory taking over as you race to crack more sunflower shells to reach the sweet little kernel inside.

Turkish sunflower seeds are there for every occasion with friends and family. Watching your favourite Turkish TV drama, bring out the “çekirdek”. Hanging out with friends at the park? Call your designated sunflower seed supplier friend. It’s all very routine for us Turks basically. Then the inevitable outcry having gone through kilos of Tadım sunflower seeds with a mountain range of sunflowers hulls on the table… Of aman yeter (Good heavens that’s quite enough!)

Tadım is our favourite Turkish brand of sunflower seeds and nuts from Turkey. We deliver worldwide.

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