Aleppo pepper – Pul biber 100gr

£4.95 £3.95


Aleppo pepper – Pul biber 100gr

£4.95 £3.95

Aleppo Pepper Flakes from Turkey

  • 100gr
  • Medium heat
  • Sweet aroma
  • Perfect for marinating meat and veg kebabs
  • Resealable pouch
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Buy aleppo pepper, also known as Pul biber from Turkey online. This Turkish chilli is dried under the sun in the South East region of Urfa, then crushed into flakes. Adds a medium fiery kick (only 10,000SHU on Scoville Scale) to dishes accompanied by a mild sweet aroma. Aleppo pepper is renowned for its balance of heat and sweet, never overpowering the taste buds. Named after the city of Aleppo, aleppo pepper is perfect on grilled meats & mezes and versatile enough to make an appearance on breakfast over bread with butter spreads and sauces.

Crisp slices of Turkish bread on the grill, butter well and sprinkle some aleppo pepper flakes with oregano, crumble some white cheese on top and you’re winning at lunch. Aleppo pepper also lends itself well to sprinkling over soup, most popularly red lentil in Turkey, for a mild kick. Stews and grilled vegetables also marry well with aleppo pepper.

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