Turkish or Greek?

Turkish or Greek? This question will spark passionate debates amongst Turks and Greeks alike whenever there’s food on the menu. From dolmades to tzatziki, Greeks are convinced there’s nothing Turkish about their favourite foods. Turks vice versa. For centuries, Anatolia was home to many great cultures and civilisations; Greeks being one of them. Hence Greeks

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What is Turkish Delight?

Turkish Delights & Coffee

Some of you may be thinking; “surely everyone knows what Turkish delight is!” Right? Well, yes you are right. Kind of. Most people do recognise “Turkish delight”, have an idea of what it is and can at the very least describe it along the lines of; “those little-sweet-fragrant-soft candy things from Narnia“. Often adding “I like the rose

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Turkish Ezogelin Soup – Ezo the Bride

Turkish Ezogelin Soup Recipe

A tale of a bride and her now national treasure soup recipe. There are poems, films and folk songs written for her, even a Turkish TV series starring Turkish superstar Nurgül Yeşilçay, based around her hardship and its viewership was somewhat significant to say the least, popular across Turkey and abroad. Ezo the Bride’s story is heartbreaking, no

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